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2. Sukhāvatī Retreat – Off-site (USD 130)


Sukhāvatī Retreat
Monday 23th – Sunday 29th October 2023
Sthala Hotel, Ubud Bali, Indonesia


Off-site (USD 130)*

Without accommodation

Including retreat hall; Phowa text; refreshements; and certificate.

Retreat Cost (USD 130)* = IDR 1.976.000

Bank Charge (3% – USD 4)* = IDR 61.000

Total Cost – Offsite (USD 134)* = IDR 2.037.000


  • all the cost is in IDR (Indonesian Rupiah), the amount in USD is an estimation amount, based on estimated average exchange rate of 1 USD = IDR 15,200. This amount may be change depends on the exchange rate on the transaction date

Available until 31 August 2023

Fully booked

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Note to the participants:

1. if the participant has special request, such as :
    a. Daily Lunch and Coffee Break
    b. Daily Additional Buffet Dinner
    Or any other special request, please write a note in the “Special request to Organizer” column, the organizer will contact you later. There will be additional charges for this special request.
2. The Retreat Fee is not refundable and not transferable
3. By registering for the event, the participant understands and agrees that he/she participates in the event entirely at his/her own risk and that no responsibility whatsoever shall attach to organizer.